Friday, November 18, 2011

On Love, the Mother of Beauty

There is a constant stream of ineffable prose running through my head.  It is a feeling, an emotional response, a stirring in the deepest places of my heart that connects it profoundly to the beauty in the world around me. There are volumes of poetry that will never be written and songs that will never be sung, as the words just never come.  In moments of inspiration, when it seems that I might be able to capture the beauty I see - a particularly beautiful Midwestern sunset, the gentle rise and fall of sleeping baby on sleeping mother's chest, the quiet expressions of love I see in strangers giving to strangers - the moment passes and the words I'm left with are simply inadequate, barely brushing up against the true beauty of the moment, a crude facsimile, a copy of a copy of a copy. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

On Veterans Day: The Most Uncomfortable of Holidays.

In the name of those few of us veterans who have realized our folly, and have turned to seek peace instead:

I am a veteran.

Please don't thank me for my service.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On Giving Versus Being a Giving Person

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about property, asking the question whether or not Christians own anything.  I came to some conclusions in the writing of that post that have been, to say the least, challenging.  The TLDR version of it is this: Any meaningful definition of Christianity is at odds with traditional definitions of property and ownership.  Thus, we must deny the validity of (A) our definition of Christianity, or (B) our notions of property and ownership.  If you don't agree with that conclusion, I would challenge you to go back and read my previous post in full, and identify which particular piece of the argument you disagree with.

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