Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To Our Mothers, Our Sisters, Our Wives and Our Daughters: We Ask Your Forgiveness.

To our mothers, our sisters, our wives and our daughters:

Forgive us for not speaking up, speaking out, and speaking life.
Forgive us for keeping you down, keeping you captive, and keeping you silent.
Forgive us for defining you by your bodies.
Forgive us for turning you into commodities.
Forgive us for trading in your dignity for our pleasure and profit.
Forgive us for ignoring the injustice that brought us privilege at your expense.

To our mothers, whose selfless love shapes the very core of our character, we thank you.
To our sisters, whose loving voices speak wisdom and truth to us even when we'd rather not hear it, we are grateful.
To our wives, whose unending grace so often leads us to our proper, redemptive place of loving servanthood, we owe you our hearts and you have them fully.
To our daughters, whose tender innocence cries out for justice, we promise you this: we will do better.

We will inevitably fail along the way.
We will forget these promises.
We will let you down, again.
We will not be perfect.


We. Will. Be. Better.

Forgive us,

Your sons, your brothers, your husbands and your fathers.

1 comment:

  1. Your wife is an extremely, extremely lucky woman. Can you clone yourself? Or give my spouse some lessons...? Sigh. Wish my daughters could know you. :)


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