Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Love in Action or "Running the race...literally"

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the darkness we see all around us.  It often even easier to get lulled into a trance by the mind-numbing monotony of life.  But every once in a while, life presents us with opportunities to be a part of something very real, to put all of our lofty ambitions of love and peace into action, and to do our small part in beating back the darkness and shaking up the monotony.  What better week than Holy Week to write about such an opportunity.

Meet Scott and Stephanie Zibell. You can go say hello on the twitter, if you'd like.

The Zibells are old/new friends of Jill and me who have an incredible story. You can read a lot of it here, but why I'm introducing them to the 7 of you (I think we're up to 7 now, anyway) is this: Scott and Stephanie are adopting a baby from Ethiopia.  Jill and I are helping, and I'd like to invite the 7 of you to participate as well.

First, a bit about Scott and Steph.  Their story is one worth telling in more detail than I can give here in this short post (you can read much of it at Steph's blog "The Zibell Life"), but the part of the story that leads us to today begins with the Zibell's planning their family.  They'd always planned on adopting at some point, after having children of their own, and assumed they would have plenty of time to plan and save and prepare for that day. 

But there are plans, and then there is life.

Three times, they knew the joy and anticipation of life growing in her womb, and three times, they knew the wrenching loss of the flame of life extinguished while it was still a spark, with babies' hearts gone still, and parents' hearts left broken. 

Life happens, and plans change (Lord knows Jill and I can identify with that.)

So, after much thought and prayer and crying and grieving and talking and resigning and probably a bit of freaking out, they decided to move forward with the adoption process. They committed to this child.  They committed to to the long, grueling process of international adoption.  They were deep into it. They made plans and began to prepare, and then life happened once again:

And miracle-baby Emara was born.

Last week, when I asked them what effect this had on their decision to adopt, their answer made me proud to know them, and to be a small part of their little miracle:
"We never once had a conversation questioning if we should still adopt. Just because we were pregnant with an incredible miracle did not make our miracle in Ethiopia any less real. Both children are ours and we have a responsibility to take care of both of them."

So, here's the part where I get to ask for your help. 

To raise money for the adoption process, the Zibell's are putting together a race, or more specifically, a "Race Without Borders."  The idea is to have people all over the country run together on Saturday, April 21st, and Jill and I have volunteered to be two of those people (and Ethan and Asher will be along for the ride). 

We're all running together, our family with their family, so that just this once, in some small way, we can be a part of Love breaking through, healing, and winning.

So, I'm going to be writing a couple more posts in the following weeks with exerpts from the interview I did with Scott and Steph, but in the mean time, I'd love it if you would visit the race page (linked above), and Jill and I's individual race pages here (Jill) and here (me), and donate a couple of bucks, if for no other reason, than the entertainment value of seeing photographic evidence on this here blog that I actually got off my butt, trained for a race, and finished it.   :)

Help us, to help them, to help baby Z.

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