Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Purpose Driven Pancakes

I know, it's been a little heavy over here lately, so I thought I'd lighten things up a bit. :)

I'm over at A Deeper Family today writing about pancakes.

On Saturday mornings, we have an established routine. Mom sleeps in (as best she can in a townhouse with paper thin walls and, well, two wild animals running around 10 feet below her) and the boys and I make breakfast.Specifically, we make pancakes. 
Real pancakes. 
Not those weak-sauce “just add water” pancakes. I’m talking about the real deal here. We make ‘em from scratch, double sift the dry ingredients, refrigerate the batter – we know all the good tricks. Ethan and I take our pancake-making (well, him more so the pancake-eating) very seriously, so much so that I’m constantly experimenting with my pancake recipe, searching for the perfect pancake. Lately I’ve been experimenting with how I combine the ingredients. I even have seasonal variants. Last week, I made my fall pancakes, and I’ve been brainstorming a Christmas recipe lately as well. (Stop judging me.)

Click through to A Deeper Family to read the rest.

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