Monday, October 15, 2012

On Love and Legacies

I'm posting over at A Deeper Family today about how, even when our loved ones pass on, their legacies can live on for generations.

It was cold. 
I remember that. 
I think unseasonably cold…or maybe it wasn’t cold at all; maybe what I remember as cold was just the bitter reality that I’d be burying my grandpa the next day. 
The family came to the church for the visitation first, and in spite of the cold, we loitered outside the church, perhaps believing that as long as we didn’t step through that threshold, it wouldn’t be true. On the other side of those church doors existed a world where my grandpa wasn’t alive, and as long as we stayed outside, it was like time itself was paying its respects by graciously standing still, letting us live in this world, the one my grandpa inhabited, for just a moment longer. 
But this world wasn’t real anymore. What were real were those doors, the smell of oak and incense in the church, and there in the front, the casket. That was real. So I mustered all of the stoic resolve my early-20's self had, and stepped through the door.
It gets better, I promise. Click through to read the rest. 

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