Thursday, October 25, 2012

On Peacemaking: Keeping the Darkness at Bay

I'm guest-posting over at The Smitten Word today. Folks, Suzannah Paul is one of the good ones, and one of my very favorite bloggers.  I'm really honored to be a part of what she's doing this month as she's publishing a post a day about practicing peace. I highly recommend you read the whole series.

Here's a bit of my contribution for today:

"What kind of person does that?" and "Who wants a murderer for a father?"

I threw the questions like stones. She sat and listened while the darkness washed over me.

She had seen me at my darkest before. I was fully in it, and she could tell. Eyes dead and lifeless, voice cold and distant, this wasn't me, it was that cold, deep darkness. This was every terrible thing I had seen and every terrible thing I had done wrapping itself around me and choking the life out of me. I could not see, feel, hear or remember anything but this darkness that had become my constant companion.

But she was ready.

She stayed. And she listened. She saw me. She heard me. And when she opened her mouth to speak, the Holy Dove came to rest on her shoulder as she said,

"You. Are. More."

She went on, and her words were light and life and comfort and healing and all of the things that I hadn't felt in nearly a decade, and in that moment, in pushing back that darkness and making room for the light of redemption to shine in and reclaim what had been lost to darkness, as the One himself said,

she was a peacemaker.
she was a Child of God...

Head over to The Smitten Word to read the rest.
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