Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Modesty and Male Privilege

My virtual friend Emily wrote a great piece for the "Church Leaders" website yesterday about the problems with modesty rules in Christian culture, and rightly pointed out how these rules unfairly shame women into particular behavior patterns, often resulting in lasting emotional and psychological damage. It was an honest, personal story of one woman's struggle with reconciling her freedom in Christ with the rigid behavioral codes often handed down to women from the pulpit or from Christian culture in general.

It was a great article.

And then there were the comments.

Sweet. Jumping. Jehoshaphat. The comments.

(The comments are the reason that I put "Church Leaders" in scare quotes in the opening sentence. Admit it, you went back and looked.)

I defintely suggest that you give the article a read, but I actually recommend you don't read the comments. It got a little cray-cray in there for a minute or two, and it will probably just destroy your faith in humanity no matter which side of the argument that you're on (though I'll admit, there actually were some really bright spots of honest dialogue that I genuinely enjoyed).  **But especially don't read if you're easily triggered by things like spiritual abuse or rape apologists.**
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