Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Slivers of Beauty and Prayers of Dedication and Desperation

I'm over at A Deeper Family today talking about the little moments of beauty that carry us through, and the prayers we pray for ourselves and our families as we seem to be just making it from day to day.

But eventually, the moment passed, as it always does. The echoes of that chorus of laughter are then left to sustain us through a raucous bath of endless splashing and the oft-contentious bedtime with the begging for more books or more milk or just a little bit more playtime, even the occasional fit or tantrum. There’s some bargaining, maybe some cajoling, lots of affection, at least eleven good-night’s, and some welcome cuddling, the lights are turned off, the doors closed, and the entire house seems to exhale, like a sigh of both relief and satisfaction at the close of another day, as if to say,

“We made it through, but maybe just barely so.”

There’s a prayer that I’ve been praying in some form or another (even when I didn’t think prayer made a bit of difference) since the oldest first came on the scene. Borne out of my feelings of utter inadequacy to the task of caring for this tiny human, it is the sort of prayer that seems to make some sense of the paradox of power perfected in weakness, equal parts dedication and desperation. This prayer is the breath that escapes my lips as I exhale with the house at night; it is the first thought that rolls around in my sleepy skull as I snooze through my alarms in the morning, and it is the lump that catches in my throat in those moments of beautiful clarity when even at their age, they seem to catch just a glimpse of what it means to live in the Kingdom of God...
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