Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faithful Parenting?

Today is fun for two reasons.

1.  I have the distinct pleasure of both getting to share the page (though I guess it's not really a page...more of a screen) with the wonderful, the beautiful, the talented Mrs. Jill Harms (who tells her own beautiful stories here).

2. We're guest-posting over on the Parenting Wild Things blog, a project of one Jessica Bowman of the always funny and insightful Bohemian Bowmans.

We're talking about faithful parenting, and what that looks like for our family:

For us, I think that’s where we begin our discussions of parenting: at the end. We ask ourselves what we want them to get out of this whole process (as opposed to asking what we want to get out of it) and we wonder aloud what the real purpose of discipline is in our family. Is it to teach or to ensure compliance? Is it to correct, or is it to prove to them that we’re correct? Is it to make them better, or is it to make our lives easier?

Now, if we’re being honest, on any given day of the week, the honest answers to these questions might be radically different, which is why we have conversations in the quiet spaces, during the lull of the battle when they’re resting and we’re still awake and alert enough to actually form coherent thoughts. The hope is that if we can give some serious thought to these questions at some point before the moment at which the hitting/snatching/yelling/not listening takes place, perhaps we will be better prepared to handle those situations gracefully, with a certain amount of perspective.

 But best laid plans, and all that. This is hard stuff.
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