Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Imperfect and Unprepared: The Story of Every Parent Ever

I'm over at A Deeper Family today, having a little fun and giving everyone, parents and kids alike, permission to not be perfect.

We came home from the hospital with an 8 pound rage factory who hated the world unless he was nursing or in the bath. No book or class or conversation can prepare you for the sleep-deprived madness of a colicky baby. Similarly, nothing can really prepare you for the first time they fall out of a chair, or burn their hand, or drink the rotten milk from the bottle you accidentally left in their crib in your sleep-deprived stupor.
And if you tell me you were prepared the first time your son asked you a question about vaginas in a public place with his trademark disregard for the rules governing volume levels and inside voices, I’m calling you a liar right to your lying face.
Perhaps what we’re least ready for as parents though, is being confronted with how imperfect we really are.
Head over to A Deeper Family to read the rest.

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