Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There Has To Be A Better Way.

I'm taking the conversation we started here about shame over to my guest-spot at A Deeper Family and exploring how shame functions in our relationships with our kids.

It happened again. Yet another meme came cascading through the interwebz showing a parent publicly shaming their child for something they’d done wrong, and the likes and shares were stacking up by the tens and hundreds of thousands. The child in the picture was visibly humiliated, but all the while comments kept streaming in.

“Way to go!”

“That is awesome!”

“The world needs more parents like you!”

Perhaps most surprising (though maybe in retrospect it shouldn’t have been) was that much of the most enthusiastic support was coming from communities of faith. I think I even saw ”God bless you” a couple of times in there.

We, as a community of faith, have so distorted our notion of love in the context of parent/child relationships that we have become enthusiastic endorsers of what essentially amounts to parental cyber-bullying.

I just don’t know how we got here.
Head over to A Deeper Family to read the rest. 
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